June 2008 | Save Energy with the b-panel

Save Energy with the b-panel®


Stop global warming!

That was the message delivered from environmentalists in commemorating Earth Day on April 22 last. The message was impregnated by every human being deserves, given the current Earth is getting hotter as the impact of the greenhouse effect.

Emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), dinitrooksida (N2O) and chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) will increase the greenhouse effect. Increased emissions of these gases make solar energy trapped in Earth’s atmosphere. Society was busy-busy using air conditioning (AC) and a fan. Use these tools to make electricity consumption increases. Not surprisingly, PLN was overloaded.

As mentioned by Dr. Ir Eddy Prianto CES, the award recipient Indonesian Engineers Association (PII) 2007 for “The concept of Energy Efficient Home.” He proposed that the overall energy needed an office building, nearly 40 percent is for air conditioning. While in housing, energy used for air-conditioning range 35-38 percent. Use the fan requires 18-20 percent of the total energy for buildings and offices. While in the housing reaches about 20-25 per cent. Referring to these data, of course, the purpose of energy-efficient homes is extremely urgent. Energy-efficient home should be promoted.

According to Drs. Eddy Prianto, there are several aspects that must be considered in the concept of energy-efficient homes that are applied in office buildings or housing. These aspects include the scale of the room and the amount of room that is sometimes excessive. In the concept of energy-efficient homes, the more trees and air flow through the right window will give you comfort. Good air flow will make energy demand for air conditioning and ceiling fan can be suppressed. To support this, there are six things to consider, namely the coating of buildings, lighting, heating, cooling, energy consumption, and waste management.

Dolly Yanto of the Marketing Department PT Beton Elemenindo Putra said, as a form of support to make homes energy efficient, the company makes an innovative construction system that is fast, easy, efficient, and has many other advantages. The product is called b-panel®.

Explained,b-panel® is a lightweight concrete panel, which consists of layers of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) sandwiched between two layers wiremesh.

Aka Styrofoam EPS is a lightweight insulation material, rigid, and made of plastic raw materials. EPS is used in b-panel® is the type of Fire Retardant (FR). The use of EPS of this type aims to increase the safety factor at b-panel® building system. Because this type of FR properties merambatkan not fire.

Density EPS or so-called density will affect the ability of EPS to menginsulasi thermal and muffle sound. The higher the density, EPS is the better menginsulasi thermal and muffle sound. Density used in the b-panel® is 12 kg/m3.

“It is expected that b-panel┬« can be used as a solution option to make homes energy efficient. Technology from Italy. Japan also uses recycled materials for the panels. But when further investigated using styrofoam panels better at keeping the room temperature is still cold” , said Dolly.

Explained further, b-panel® is energy efficient because it uses the concept of insulation and acceleration in the building. Insulation concept was intended for b-panel® to keep the air temperature in the room get colder. For example, compared to between rooms that use conventional walls and rooms that use b-panel® wall , then the cooler is a room that uses b-panel® wall . If in the daytime, the room walls should use the conventional fan, the room is wearing the b-panel® is not necessary.

“Energy savings that can be done b-panel┬« reaches 25-30 percent. If you do not use the b-panel┬« must be using a fan. While using the AC, its components will work harder, thereby sucking a lot of electricity,” says Dolly again .

Save Money
Using b-panel® also means saving money. When compared with the conventional way, the system b-panel®is more efficient, because the installation can be more rapid and efficient workforce. Because b-panel® sent to the project was half done, it can even be cut in our factory according to the picture, following the opening of doors and windows.

The concept of accelerating the development in question is the time it takes to build a house with b-panel┬« faster than the conventional way, for EPS panels used are large, ie 1.2 mx 3 m. In addition, there is also the size of 1.2 m X 6 m. If using brick is small and should be installed one at a time. Cost savings from the use of b-panel┬« also can be taken from savings and pembesian concrete material, because the b-panel┬« are load bearing, so as to reduce the number and size of columns and beams. “The conventional way to use columns and beams are many and great. Bricks arranged as a partition after a column and beam structure, while the b-panel┬« does not. On the b-panel┬«, it became the foundation wall,” said Dolly.

According to Dolly, b-panel® also make buildings more resistant to earthquakes and hurricanes, as well as fire and termite resistant. Its surface is flat and easy in finishing, and flexible to various building designs.

b-panel┬« is already in use in homes in Setraduta, BSD Tangerang, and Gempol Asri Cijerah, warehouses and factories in Kiaracondong Soreang, and constructing cold storage”, he said.

Source: Wartakota Newspaper June 2008 [ PDF ]

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