4-star hotels usually demand high acoustic performance wall for their guest rooms. One special scenario in many resort-type hotels is thick (>20cm) acoustic wall made of double layer of bricks or lightweight bricks.

b-panel® thick wall solution is an special version of our system, still with superior erection speed and acoustic insulation compared to double lightweight brick wall, as well as cost optimization and value engineering to make it competitive in the market.

Beside superior acoustic insulation (STC- value), this solution posses excellent thermal insulation properties. In the case of double lightweight bricks, there will be free air convection within its air gap, where heat will spread at a high rate. EPS actually consists of 95% air, but as they are locked inside minute closed cells, convection cannot happen. Effective thermal insulation is very important to reduce hotelsÔÇÖ operating expense from A/C electricity consumption.