b-panel® employs semi-prefab method in its installation. After the panels has been in place, plaster is applied by spraying, which is more rapid compared to manual hand application of plastering. b-panel® Installation does not rely on any heavy equipment, such as hoist, forklift, or crane . Due to unfinished panel’s ultra-light weight (3-4 kg/m2), unloading and transportation of panels from trucks/containers to the job site is easily performed by labor.

b-panel® installation takes advantage of relatively inexpensive labor cost, but with significantly higher utilization efficiency, as there is no need to stack bricks, no dependency of heavy equipment, and superior end product.

b-panel® is ordered and delivered in modular cutting-list form, in which panels are produced and cut according to the sizes and shapes specific to a particular project. The benefits of this modular cutting-list system are:

  1. Significant time savings – the panels delivered pre-cut ready to be installed, and avoid the need to stack (bricks). The panels are produced with high accuracy, and as such, on-site craftsmanship becomes less on an issue in the final result.
  2. Cost savings – panel cost is based on net area. All cut-offs, door and window openings are not charged. What is ordered, delivered, and charged, is exactly what is needed at the project, not too little nor too much. (We usually add a few pieces of typical modules as spares in case of mishandling on site). Material waste ands reject, which is the norm in brick construction, will be significantly minimized or even eliminated.
  3. Environmentally-friendly – each EPS cuts are 100% recycled to make the next batch of panels.