1. Rebar installation
    Install rebar on foundation beams, floor slabs, columns and beams, where the panels are to be installed. The rebar are installed in an alternating (ÔÇťzigzagÔÇŁ) pattern. For steel structures, the rebar are welded onto the steel beams and columns.

  2. Panel installation
    Prepare panels according to plan drawings, or trim panels if they arrive in modular typical sizes, according to the needs. Tie the panel onto the rebar using tie wire.

  3. Cross-braces and u-mesh installation
    Install cross braces on each corners of door and window openings, on both side of the panels. Mount U-mesh around the perimeter of door and window openings.

  4. Angle mesh installation
    Install angle mesh at each panel corner at full length of the corner, on both inner and outer side. The angle wire serves as additional bracing to allow corners to function as columns after concrete is applied.

  5. Support braces and M/E installation Install supports, and perform alignment for the panels, so they are installed straight and each plane is perpendicular to each other.

  6. First plastering and guide installation
    Apply first layer of concrete on both side of the panels, using shotcrete machine. Afterwards, install guidance to ensure consistent thickness of the second (final) layer of plaster.

  7. Second plaster Apply the second layer of plaster, then smoothen the surface using screed.

  8. Skim coat/Finishing
    Wall is ready for finishing by skim coat or paint.