Little Things PT Beton Elemenindo Putra Does to Further Lessen Environmental Impact

PT Beton Elemenindo Putra has ticked all the key marks when it comes to operational sustainability of its production facility. Due to their comprehensive efforts in ensuring environmental responsibility, the company has won two back-to-back prestigious environmental awards: the Regional (ASEAN) Merit Award at The Singapore Environmental Achievement Award in 2012, and the Sustainable Business Award Indonesia for the best SME category in 2013. Their factory is one of the very few manufacturing sites in Indonesia, which boiler power does not rely on coal or other fossil fuels, as well as one that has achieved close to zero waste in their operation.

However, what also counts are the little actions that the company promotes in its daily operation. For example, due to the construction of a new factory on what used to be paddy field next to it, reduction of rain water seepage to the soil, and therefore reduction of ground water availability for the community around the factory, became a concern. Thus, the company constructed an array of biopori wells along the perimeter of its outer wall, as well as a ground water absorption polder tank, so that rain water not collected by the factory roof water collector, goes to the ground soil. This increases ground water availability for the surrounding community, and reduce surface erosion, not to mention potential flooding in the area during heavy downpour.

Another example is the downsizing of the firm’s vehicle fleet. The staff operational vehicles, which used to be 2000cc cars, are now smaller, more efficient 1000-1300 cc vehicles with similar passenger capacities. The management’s car is now a 1.5 liter compact crossover with efficient CVT transmission, downsized from a 3 liter, 6-cylinder large sedan. The most significant fuel efficiency gain is from the purchase of the new trucks fleet. Since most of PT. Beton Elemenindo Putra’s product lines comprise of ultralight weight EPS foam, instead of 4000cc and 7600cc diesel trucks used previously, the new fleet comprises of 1400cc and 2700cc diesel trucks, modified for very little compromise in cargo capacity, while delivering much higher fuel economy. The 1400cc truck, for example, monitored at over 10 km/liter to date.

The company also runs a carpooling program, in which many of the staffs are using for their daily commute to work. Aside from lowering fuel cost of the company fleet, these actions concretely embrace one of b-panel®’s product objectives, which is energy efficiency.

There are a few more energy-efficiency measures being implemented and to be implemented at the company in the near future. In 2016, the boiler was retrofitted with extensive thermal jacket, to reduce the biofuel consumption further. For 2017, solar PV for all office lightings which double as centralized UPS system is planned. The quest for PT Beton Elemenindo Putra to stay as one of the best practice cases for environmentally responsible operation continues.

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