November 2009 | “Innovative Building Material for Green Construction”, Civil Engineer Seminar at Tarumanegara University, 2009

Civil Engineering Faculty Seminar, Tarumanagara University (UNTAR) sponsor byb-panel®

“Innovative Building Material for Green Construction”


On the day Tuesday, November 24, 2009, PT . Beton Elemenindo Putra became one-day seminar themed corporate sponsorship of innovative eco green building materials, organized by the Faculty of Civil Engineering University Tarumanagara (untar). The event is open to professionals and the public was held at the Main Auditorium 3rd Floor Building at Jalan Lt. S. untar Parman No. 1, Jakarta.


With environmental friendliness as a topic of increasing interest lately, more than 200 participants attended the event, with the majority are from among the students. Not a few building professionals, and from among the lecturers / academics who were also present. This seminar was organized to strengthen the awareness of students and professionals on the environment, related to the field of construction and civil engineering.

In a full day event that,. BEPutra held a booth / stand near a small auditorium, with the aim to provide additional explanations are more detailed and technical about the system and b-panel® materials to students and visitors of other seminars. Another function of this stand is to recruit final year students to join the b-panel® after graduation. During recess and lunch, stand b-panel® is always crowded audience. In addition to b-panel® brochure, the staff of PT. BEPutra also distributed copies of the latest magazine articles related to b-panel®, and products that will be developed by PT BEPutra hereinafter, namely Geofoam.

In the first session in the morning, a seminar featuring Mr. FX Supartono as the first speaker. He was one of the leading experts of concrete construction in Indonesia. In his presentation, Mr. Supartono remind all students and civil engineering professionals to keep in mind the interests and needs of future generations in exploring or exploiting the earth now, and always thinking of designing buildings and plan for project implementation process, so that environmental sustainability can be maintained. In his presentation, Mr. Supartono also discuss a variety of concrete technology trends that can be practiced to reduce environmental impact, without sacrificing the strength of buildings, or significant additional project cost.

The second speaker was Mr. Urip Timuryono. He is the President Director of PT Semen Gresik, and also is the cement industry experts and technology of the most respected in Indonesia. Mr Urip explained that the cement industry is an industry that is intrinsically highly energy consuming, and therefore also very much out of greenhouse gases (Green house gas emission). Mr Urip express the development achievements of cement producers in trying to create processes and their products become more environmentally friendly – what he calls “Green Cement”. As previously discussed by Mr. Supartono, Pak Urip explained that in implementing the program “Green Cement”, instead of cement quality or strength improves, the price of cement rose, so the solution is not an adverse party compromise industry players.

In the afternoon session, the corporate seminar sponsor which are PT. Sika Indonesia and b-panel® as the speakers. PT.Sika Indnesia is the part Sika worldwide, a Swiss global company, explaining how importance the building roof as a way to decrease the enviromental impact to a building, specially on Green roof ar roof garden.The implementation roof dwelling and building as a park, the roof thermal insulation increasing, the oxygen reproduction will also be increasing specially in the downtown. Dust polution and CO2 concentration in the air will be absorbed by plants and soil at the park.

Next speaker is b-panel®. The presentation begin with monitoring the situation due to global warning that human activities are increasingly severe, the contribution of CO2 emissions of some countries that are not commensurate with their population, and opportunities of global CO2 emissions reduction of thermal insulation repairs and building occupancy.b-panel® presentation also explained how significant potential for energy savings A / C due to thermal insulation EPS ®b-panel® is very superior.


PT. Beton Elemenindo Putra expressed the gratitude for the opportunity afforded by the untar to sponsor events that are useful and meaningful for this next generation.

Source: b-panel® Marketing Team

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