January 2009 | Energy Efficient Housing with b-panel

Energy efficient housing” with b-panel┬«

Starting from the increasing need for shelter, and the more discourse about global warming.Then it will spur the world of design practitioners to create a “Energy efficient housing.”We who live in the tropics, “Energy efficient housing” is a form of response to the social context, namely the electricity crisis, electricity-saving movement, and global warming.The concept of “Energy efficient housing” is a concept that is being undertaken to prevent global warming (global warming) and suppressed the use of electricity significantly.

There are several aspects to be considered in the concept of “Energy efficient housing” in every building, office or housing, such as the scale of the room, the amount of space that is sometimes excessive.In the concept of “Energy efficient housing”, the more trees and proper air flow window will give comfort to the good air flow so that energy demand for air conditioning and fan can be suppressed.According to Drs.Ir.Eddy Prianto, CES., Award recipient Indonesian Engineers Association (PII) 2007 for the concept of “Energy efficient housing”, accounting for nearly 40% of the energy required for air conditioning a building, and 35-38% for the same demands on housing.The use of fan (fan) requires 18-20% of the total energy for buildings and offices, and no less 20-25% for housing.

For Indonesia, with its tropical climate, need to apply six strategies approach “Energy efficient housing”, which includes a coating of buildings, lighting, heating, cooling, energy consumption, and waste management.Dimanfatkan abundant solar energy to create energy independence at home.In addition to energy use, this can reduce the heat that goes in the wall of the house, and reduce the use of air conditioning.Very clearly visible, that the hot tropical climate makes more dominant energy needed for comfort on the move in a room.

We provide material solutions to support it, an innovative construction system that is fast, easy, efficient, and memlilki many advantages, which we call b-panel┬« b-panel┬« is a lightweight concrete panel, which consists of layers of b-foam┬« (expanded polystyrene – EPS) sandwiched between two layers wiremesh.

b-panel® are made of:

1. b-foam®
2. Wiremesh
3.Connecting Wire (connector)

Products ® b-panel:

1. Wall

  • Single Panel
  • Double Panel

2. Floor / Roof
3. Ladder

  • Floor / Roof Panels

Expanded polystyrene (EPS), or commonly known as Styrofoam *, is an insulator material is lightweight, rigid, and made of plastic raw materials. EPS is used in b-panel® is the type of EPS Fire Retardant (FR). The use of EPS type FR aims to increase the safety factor at b-panel® building system.Due to this type of FR properties merambatkan not fire.Density EPS or commonly referred to as density affect the ability of EPS to menginsulasi thermal and muffle sound.The higher the density, EPS is the better menginsulasi thermal and muffle sound.Density used in the b-panel ® ± 12 kg/m3.In addition, the presence of EPS, can be used to maintain room temperature, so that could save the use of air conditioning which impact on electricity savings.

Besides energy efficient, the benefits of b-panel® are:

1. Light
2. Quick and Easy installation
3. Save time and costs
4. Sound and Thermal Insulator
5. More resistant to earthquakes and hurricanes
6. Hold fire, water, moisture and termites
7. Flat surfaces and easy in finishing
8.Flexible to various building designs

Source: Properti.biz January 2009 [ PDF ]

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