June 2009 | EcoGreen Building With b-panel

Eco Green Building with b-panel®

Global warming a problem that must be addressed. Therefore, if you want to build an Eco Green Buiilding, b-panel® is a good step.

There are several elements that make b-panel® eco green, including:

- Reduce Energy Consumption and Harmful Emissions
b-panel® is a combination of insulating ability of expanded polystyrene (EPS) and mass concrete. It is a combination of materials that can produce a structure that has a high level of thermal insulation. With a high thermal insulation it will reduce down rising temperatures in the room, so as to reduce the energy consumption of the device used to heat or cool the room.

Furthermore, in the manufacture of b-panel® uses steam and cold water to produce EPS. No toxic substances, such as formaldehyde or other chemicals used in the production process b-panel®, and no emissions of greenhouse gases produced, such as chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) or HydroChloroFluoroCarbon (HCFCs), so that in the manufacturing process,b-panel® is also eco green.


- Reduce the Use of Wood.

For conventional buildings, the use of wood very much (especially for the manufacture of formwork columns, beams, and concrete floor). While using the b-panel┬«, wood is used only for “Stood” only with smaller amounts and can also be replaced by using the iron box is empty / hollow so that the use of wood can be eliminated. That is, the use of b-panel┬« can reduce the number of trees felled for the construction industry.

Rumah dengan b-panel

- Reduce the Destruction of the Environment by Reducing the Consumption of Natural Materials

In making the wall of a building generally uses brick (red brick and con can block) as the main material. Then do the plaster work to tidy up the masonry.

In the manufacture of red brick, the material used is clay. For the amount of usage that a lot of red brick, it would be too much clay used in its production. While we know that the excavation of clay is an activity that can damage the environment and worsen soil erosion.

Meanwhile, in the manufacture of brick or block con, the material used is sand and cement. More and more brick or block con who used it the more sand and cement needed in the making. Just like clay, excessive sand excavation will damage the environment. While the cement manufacturing process requires great energy (cement producer is the second largest energy consumer in the world).

For buildings using the b-panel®, the natural material used is sand to shotcrete work just the same amount of material required in the conventional wall plaster work. While in the manufacture of b-panel® of its own no natural materials are used, so that the effects on nature is also less.

The use of b-panel in the building to reduce the destruction of nature so that nature can be preserved.

- Reduce construction waste

In making a conventional building, after all construction work completed will be seen a lot of junk, especially the wood used in its construction process. Will dikemanakan garbage? If still good, the wood can be used for future projects. In addition, the easiest answer is burned. How much wood will be burned till end of the construction work? Very much if we collect from any existing projects. And this is a waste of costs, while also when burned produce greenhouse gas emissions that should be avoided.

Buildings with b-panel® in the process of its construction, use less wood, so that at the end of the work there is not much waste is wasted.

Rumah dengan b-panel

From the above description can be said that the building that uses b-panel┬« as structure elements can be said is building an environmentally friendly and very supportive of the program “GO GREEN” currently being touted around the world and is something we must note.

Source: Properti.biz June 2009 [ PDF ]

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