Maiden Sailing of KRI Putra RG-9R

PT Beton Elemenindo Putra’s engineering staffs launched the KRI Putra RG-9R mini-catamaran at Saguling lake, Cililin-West Java. This minimalist vessel has been designed using b-foam® EPS for the pontoons’ core. The EPS foam is recycle-blend RG-9R, so that we use our own waste EPS for this recreational vessel.
KRI Putra boat is 3 meters long and can take six persons, even eight in a pinch. It will be used for staffs’ fishing trips at the nearby Saguling Lake. During the maiden trip, the fishes that the staffs caught were then cooked for breaking the fast together with all PT BEP staffs and workers. This boat also function as an R&D trial platform for making EPS b-foam® pontoon (floating structures) to test its endurance and buoyancy capacity.
As added innovative features of KRI Putra, all the benches also function double as floatation device for each passengers. The engine is also an innovative novelty – a Honda GX35, one of the smallest 4-cycle engine extant, usually used by their facilities worker to cut grass, but modified to accept a small propeller to make it functions as an outboard motor! Making just over 1 horsepower, it leisurely moves KRI Putra forward, still beating having to row the vessel themselves.
Why did they name the boat KRI (Kapal Republik Indonesia) Putra, and not KM (Kapal Motor) Putra, as if this is a military vessel, not a transport/civilian one? It was because they see this vessel as a symbol as well, of the struggle of the company to keep innovating and competing in the construction technology business. KRI Putra boat has been launched successfully at Saguling Lake in Cililin West Java, PT Beton Elemenindo Putra’s team are happy to sail with their own boat . The KRI Putra is also function as a showcase of b-foam® EPS foam as a safe and reliable floating structure

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