October 2012 | b-panel Asia-Pacific regional office opens its door in Singapore’s CBD Shenton Way.

b-panel®, an innovative, quake-resistant and energy efficient building system, has opened a regional office to cater overseas markets within ASEAN, as well as other strategic regions. The office is centrally located in Singapore Central Business District, at 3 Shenton Way, #10-03 Shenton House, Singapore 068805.

Ms. Sachiko Ujiie, who hails from J.P. Morgan and Barings background, and has professional experience in the USA, United Kingdom, and Japan, will be in charge for this regional office. The office will serve as a front-line interface for regional leads, while technical support is still provided by b-panel®’s Bandung-based highly-specialized engineering division. PT. Beton Elemenindo Putra, the producer of b-panel®, manufactures the panels at their Bandung, Indonesia factory.

“A Singapore-based regional office is highly strategic, as PT Beton’s rapid growth outstrips its staff capability to cater all inquiries for b-panel® in a timely manner. Our Singapore operation would focus solely on covering new regional prospects, and this would allow PT. Beton’s Bandung-based business development team to sufficiently serve Indonesia’s burgeoning domestic market “, states Ms. Ujiie.

With over 60 projects to date, covering sites in all of Indonesia’s five major islands and Bali, multiple projects in Malaysia, India, Timor Leste, and export as far as the shores of Peru, the prospect of nurturing the growth of b-panel®’s regional market is even more promising with the establishment of their Asia-Pacific regional office in Singapore.

The company has recently won the 2012 Singapore Environmental Achievement Merit Award for Regional (ASEAN) Category. The Company will exhibit at the Build Eco Xpo (BEX) Asia at Singapore’s Marina May Sands Exhibition Centre in October 10-12.

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