August 2009 | Is it already strong your wall at your home?

Is it already strong your wall at your home?

The wall is a building element that limits and sometimes protects an area. Generally, limiting wall of a building and other support structures, limiting the space in buildings into rooms, or to protect or limit any outdoor space. (* Wikipedia).

The walls have a big impact, especially in performing daily activities.

Example: if we’re doing the work, where we need privacy, tranquility and do not want disturbed by activities outside us, then the walls can restrict it.

The function of the room / building is needed, of course determines the choice of materials to be used.

Moreover, if we want to protect assets / our goods in it, of course walls that are used are not made of glass / wood / bamboo, because the materials are easy to be cracked.

Do you want this to happen at home / office / warehouse / where you work?

Penjebolan dinding

Of course the answer is NO.

Burglary above, occurs when the house was left empty by their inhabitants. Consciously or not, can be seen that the current increasing levels of crime that occurred, but this is balanced also in the creation of technology and development of security systems.
You can determine which option is suitable for use. Of course it would be better if you can combine them between security systems and buildings, so that what you invest is not in vain. Have you been thinking about this the next time you build a house / office / warehouse / where you work?

Try to add active safety (eg: security guards, CCTV cameras, alarms) and passive safety (solid wall, railings on windows and doors). One example of a good application of passive safety is the strengthening of wall using reinforced concrete panels.

To meet the needs of the community towards building a solid and secure construction was created a multi-functional system called b-panel®. b-panel® is a lightweight concrete construction systems and strong, where there is a layer of concrete and steel wiremesh layer of high quality on both sides so strongly to the style press, impact, and resistant to earthquakes. In addition there is also a good layer of polystyrene for thermal insulation and sound.

With the layers of steel and concrete wiremesh with high quality on both sides of the wall will get stronger and not easily broken. Therefore, it would be better if from now on, you design your building better, especially for strength, security and durability for a long time. So you will feel safe and calm to maintain and protect your assets.

Do not hesitate anymore in determining building materials for your home for security to protect assets and your investment!

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