September 2011 | b-panel exhibition at Universitas Parahyangan (UNPAR)

Students of Universitas Parahyangan majoring in Architecture held Java – Madura – Bali Field Lecture on July 29, 2011 to August 9, 2011. The event was held in order to improve the knowledge about materials and technologies in construction that can be used as input for architectural design and development discourse in the future, especially with regard to issues of education and professionalism of architecture.

In this activity, PT. Beton Elemenindo Putra was invited to become one of the sponsors, and was given a chance to give presentation on b-panel®, the companyÔÇÖs main product. b-panel® building system comprised of reinforced concrete panels, insulated with b-foam® Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) layer. This offers excellent thermal and acoustic insulation characteristics, superior earthquake resistance, as well as other benefits.

The exhibition was held for 12 to 16 September 2011, located in UNPAR architecture building. Visitor who attended were mostly Architecture and Civil Engineering students and also the lecturers. b-panel® marketing team assisted by the engineering team, explained in detail about the b-panel®, and also answer questions from the students and the lecturers. The response of visitors about b-panel® system are very enthusiastic since it was still fairly new as material and construction technology.

The exhibition close with a public lecture given by b-panel® team. Public lecture was held at the audio-visual room and attended by approximately two hundred people. The students had the opportunity to ask more about the b-panel® system in this event.

Questions about the b-panel® you can see the link below.

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