July 2011 | BEPu’s Employee Tour to Ciwangun Indah Camp – West Bandung

On Saturday, July 23, 2011 PT. Beton Elemenindo Putra’s employees took a recreation to Ciwangun Indah Camp (CIC) in Lembang – West Bandung. The number of employees who follow the tour was as many as 18 people. We used two cars and four motorcycles. In the morning we departed from the PT. Beton Elemenindo Putra with 14 km travel distance through: Cimareme – Cimahi – Cisarua – Ciwangun. We arrived at the CIC at about 10 am.

Some people may have been bored with tourist attractions that presents a wide range of modern games. Thus, for a change, the employees tried to visit the tourist site of nature in Lembang. Beside, this tourist site is not too far from the location of the company.

Natural attractions in Lembang are not less interesting compared to the modern tourist attractions or having fun on the beach. The indication was that many company employees spend the time to simply eliminate fatigue and boredom after work activity.

In addition employees enjoyed the cool mountain air, the participants and their families who came to visit felt very close to the atmosphere of the beautiful natural scenery.

The event was expected to exercise courage and also instill a sense of community through a available variety of team-building activities and games, such as cross country, outbound in between flying fox, crossing straps, and climbing with ropes.

After doing the activity, then the participants took a break while eating lunch together in a gazebo.
This recreation, was short but sweet, was useful to eliminate fatigue in the daily duties of the employees. Such tradition is expected to continue on a regular basis.

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