Typhoon & Earthquake-Resistant
Prefabricated Homes

Your car is constructed from factory-made quality components. Why not your house?

Why do we put up with living in a house made of bricks (a technology from Egyptian Pharaoh since the Great Pyramid project)? ItÔÇÖs a deadly time bomb in an earthquake

Now, we have the choice of building with an earthquake-safe system that provides superior thermal insulation that saves A/C electricity consumption significantly

  • b-panel┬« : structurally optimized exo-skeleton monocoque
  • Earthquake, typhoon, and break-in resistant
  • Rapid construction without formwork and structural columns, shell completion in 2 weeks (Type 36 & 56)
  • Thermal insulation on all wall surface for up to 40% A/C energy savings (thermally-insulated roof with b-deck┬«)
  • Modular set shipped complete, including all panels and steel mesh reinforcementsÔÇôready for delivery within 72 hours from ordering

Construction options:
- Panels + steel reinforcements
- Panels + b-deck® insulated roof+steel reinforcement
- Any of the above + b-panel® mix mortar set
Technical specifications:
- Wall height : 3 m
- Wall thickness : 10 cm

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