February 2012 | Launching 2nd-generation b-panel

Along with the market development of b-panel® as a superior building system, PT. Beton Elemenindo Putra is constantly improving this product. Thus, by the effort by the R&D Product Development team , and with the support of Schnell Sp.A San Marino, b-panel® technology partner, the second generation of b-panel® was introduced to the market at the start of 2012.

One of the most easily recognizable features of 2nd-generation b-panel® compared to the original ones is the use of grey color EPS. Beside functioning to mimic concrete, the grey EPS serves as an identification for our material inventory system at our factory, to differentiate against the white color, non fire-retardant regular foam which we also produce for traditional applications. Most importantly, the grey EPS foam is b-panel®ÔÇÖs brand identity, to easily differentiate it against the other types of EPS panels available in Indonesia, all of them are white in color.

Beside the grey EPS, another improvement in the 2nd generation b-panel® is Connector-Plateau®, a feature in the wave pattern of the EPS layer to allow the wires that link all the connectors to have gaps between the wire and the EPS surface (In the first generation panel, the wire virtually touched the EPS surface). This feature allows each of these wires to be sufficiently covered by concrete during spraying, which in turn further improving the rigidity of b-panel®. With Connector-Plateau®, the structural benefits and earthquake resistance of b-panel® become even more exceptional.

In the future, PT Beton Elemenindo Putra will keep innovating for ways to further develop and improve our b-panel® to ensure that it stays as one of the most technically advanced building system extant.

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