b-panel Mix : Ensuring Highest-Quality Result for Your b-panel Projects While Controlling Cost

The quality of plaster mix has always been very important in ensuring satisfactory and efficient b-panel® installation in any projects. Improper cement mix ratio, coupled with low quality sand, leads to insufficient structural integrity of the reinforced plaster in which b-panel® relies for its monolithic strength. At best, this incurs less than acceptable finish, due to numerous shrinkage cracks on the wall surface. The supply of good quality sand is often cannot be guaranteed. As sand characteristics in the quarry vary depending on weather/rainfall, the sand from exactly the same location can be of different quality at different time of the project duration.

Secondly, by manually mixing the plaster on site, the quantity of purchased raw material (cement and sand) are difficult to control. At times, the sand arriving on truck is not the right quantity as ordered. This leads to project cost overruns, as well as uneven quality of plastering mentioned above.

Recognizing these issues, PT BE Putra with the support of its sister company PT BE Perkasa, developed a set of pre-bagged plaster product, under the brand b-panel Mix®. This product comes in convenient 50 Kg bags, each consist of select Indocement PCC cement (or LafargeÔÇÖs Andalas PCC cement for projects around North Sumatra), processed quality silica sand of certain granularity size and clay content, and plaster additive to ensure good adhesion and resistance to shrinkage cracks. The application is very convenient, just open the bag, put all the ingredients together while adding water, and a mortar mix suitable for b-panel® plastering is ready to be applied.

By specifying b-panel Mix® to a project, an accurate costing can be calculated, since the dosage and coverage rate for each b-panel Mix® type has been prescribed, and thus reducing the probability of project cost overrun, as well as material loss/theft.

The market reception of b-panel mix® has been very positive. Thousands of b-panel Mix® bags have been delivered to multiple projects to date, indicating that both project owners and contractors like the idea of more project cost and finishing quality control.

b-panel Mix® is produced in 3 types: M150 for non-structural partition 20mm plastering, M225 for structural 30mm plastering, and B225 for casting concrete columns and beams, as well as topping for b-deck® floor and roof panels.

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