August 2011 | Parahyangan University Factory Visit

On July 19, 2011, students from Parahyangan University (UNPAR) Bandung, Architect Faculty, visited to PT Beton Elemenindo Perkasa for the purpose of study tours and seminars. Students were accompanied by the teachers. On this occasion, PT Beton Elemenindo Putra was given time for a session with UNPAR students. This event aimed to increase students’ knowledge about the latest technology in construction materials, and also to introduce b-panel®, an innovative and environmentally friendly building solutions system, developed by PT Beton Elemenindo Putra.

Kunjungan Pabrik Rombongan Mahasiswa Universitas Parahyangan

b-panel® presentation consists of three parts, namely product overview, installation process, and project portfolio. The presentations began with product introduction, and distribution of samples around participants. From the response of the students, they looked enthusiastic with b-panel® innovation, and because this technology is fairly new in Indonesia. Product presentation was presented by marketing of b-panel®, the installation process by project team, and the portfolio of projects by engineering team describing the projects that have already been completed or are ongoing.

Kunjungan Pabrik Rombongan Mahasiswa Universitas ParahyanganPartner-Installer General Meeting 2010 at Project site

At the end of the presentation was the Q and A session. Students expressed their interest and asked various question, such as how to create unique shapes with b-panel®, techniques to make stairs, and fire resistance of the system.

Kunjungan Pabrik Rombongan Mahasiswa Universitas ParahyanganKunjungan Pabrik Rombongan Mahasiswa Universitas Parahyangan

At the end of the event, PT Beton Elemenindo Putra and UNPAR exchanged souvenirs. PT Beton Elemenindo Putra would like to express gratitute to the Parahyangan University group for this visit.

Source: b-panel® Marketing Team

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